To extend the clschema. Shutdown the eDirectory service. The following sections provide instructions to install the change-log module on Linux and Windows platforms:. For more information on extending the remote eDirectory schema, see Extending the Remote eDirectory Schema. Create a remote eDirectory schema file clschema.

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Other Windows network configuration information is scattered across other databases such as the Windows registrythe domain name serverand specialized services such as the global catalog. Alternatively, set the root directory by directly editing the script in a text editor before running the script in Step 2.

You must perform an eDirectory heath check to ensure that the tree is ready to accept the new schema.

NetWare integrated all these functions into eDirectory. As a result, a typical Novell directory contains a large pool of additional objects representing the servers themselves and any software services running on those servers, such as LDAP or email software.

Bringing up eDirectory after a Change of Server Hostname or IP Address

The change-log module is provided on the Identity Manager media for bit platforms. Note that other services on a server may also have an IP address hard-coded and may need to be tl. Test synchronization and verify it is working by modifying some objects and see if the attributes sync to and from the connected tree.


The translated version of this page is coming soon. The following sections provide instructions to install the change-log module on Linux and Windows platforms:. Set the root directory to non- root eDirectory location by entering the following command in the command prompt:.

Navigate to the directory containing the change-log RPM and perform one of the following actions:. Each server can act as a master of the information it holds provided the replica is not read only. Note that Success is listed in the Result column.

The change-log module is supported on the following eDirectory versions:. Shutdown the rdir service. If the IP address of the server specified in this file is changed the hosts. For more information see, Driver Settings. Note that this location is specified in the example script in Step 2. If the driver is running on an engine prior to Identity Manager 4.

To extend the clschema. The environment handles most of the IP address changes automatically but a few locations may need to be modified to tto other services to work properly. After this is done your eDirectory installation should be working properly assuming it was not before. If you do have problems, one possible test is to remove the certificates from the Authentication ID field in both drivers and see if the drivers will synchronize a simple attribute like description.


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Configure your drivers to use the new certificates. Even file system information is stored in the directory as volume objects. The change-log enables the driver to recognize changes that require publication from the remote eDirectory to the Identity Vault.

NetIQ eDirectory – Wikipedia

Issue a Certificate for your server running the eDirectory Driver in the first tree. The default install location is C: If eDirectory is installed as a non-root user, you must install the Change-Log module as a non-root user. Changing certificates that have been exported to clients for their use edot cause those other connections to fail.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Set the root directory eeit non- root eDirectory location by entering the following command in the command prompt: