If you make adjustments to the config. Last edited by Cucurbito ; Apr 4, 8: Dochartaigh on October 06, , I can hit most targets with reasonable accuracy through the sights, and it works on Win7 x Sometimes the gun doesn’t register trigger fire. I have not managed to run a second GunCon2, maybe there is no way to do it, but if it’s is posible, please tell me how to do it.

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A couple things I would like for sure is the option to turn off automatic fire and support for at least one more mouse button.

MAMEWorld Forums – Hardware – Guncon 2 lightguns? or other lightguns that work on MAME

They still operate at 50hz pal or 60hz ntsc refresh rate. I use mame 1. Is it my convertor box that is causing the problem? Of note, not sure why but it seems like you need to ramp up the brightness a little bit to get the best results. I already knew that the original lightguns were very restrited in their functionality though it’s quite amazing how they worked, read some stuff in wikipedia, like SimicEngineer wrote, they required to track the beam.

Weeks ago, I bought a 2nd used guncon2 for 10 euro. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I can’t get them to install. Drivers don’t seem to install at all on Win 7 bit. Only third party guncons would work correctly though I never tested one of those.


December 29, Also, if oc won’t work, can anyone suggest a light gun that will? I’d be interested in how it works well since last I tried the drivers had issues with rolling x and original guncons.

Information seems to drop off pretty quick as the posts get more recent. Considering how many of us still use a CRT it’s surprising there is no real support for real lightguns.

An image sensor in the muzzle tracks the markers as reference points for determining where the gun is pointing on the screen. Gincon also have two guncon2, but, what is this?

Lightguns for PC Games: Which Hardware / does it work :: Hardware and Operating Systems

To guncin the gun affordable to consumers, the force feedback feature of the Time Crisis arcade gun was omitted, and an additional fire button was included in lieu of releasing a pedal controller for the game’s ducking mechanic. Even then, the last fight on the ship the pointer starts to lose focus. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Good to hear there is still some work being done with these things. Guncon 2’s constantly scan the screen, you’ll have no issues with that.


This does rely on the Topgun3 driver which means no rolling X fix – you need to use a third party gun but the 64bit driver seems to work just fine if you enable testsigning for Windows 7 – Also, it becomes easy to see how inaccurate these guns are.

They are really nice guns. Run the “Installvmulti1” file first and the “Installvmulti2” file.

Yeah, I actually ended up installing xp and the guns detected no problem. June 25, Something about a file not found. And I tried a better TV hz Sony but that did not work, so it was not better for use with a lightgun.

Please Help! how to get guncon 2 to work on PC monitor and house of the dead 2

Sometimes the gun doesn’t register trigger oc. Could you go into more detail about how you got the drivers to install on windows 7? I am curious if the Nintendo zapper is more accurate or not and if the NES software compensates for it.

I can’t do more.