Well actually, the active digitizer-equipped version of this is how a tablet should be. This kind of device is not in the same direct category as this Hanvon unit. Even if one is not familiar with the keyboard input, it can still be operated through the human intelligence interface. If you hadn’t guessed already, that beauty comes at a cost to processing speed, with just a 1. Agree, this is how a tablet should be. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Oh, and any of the Hanvon software too, if you would be so kind.

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Or perhaps other information on world wide availability?

BTW I don’t know why you have mentioned Windows 10, it has absolutely nothing to do with this topic and I’m not interested in it at all! It’s like guessing if you hit the “order” button: Julius P 11 September at Touchpad Product Specification With the unique non-keyboard form and a narrow border of fashionable design, exquisite and detailed modeling, especially with super think, wide viewing angle and backlit The unique design solves problems of overheating, knocking and other issues.

So when I see a pad that is comparable to iPad and has Windoows running My games can be ported with just about a mouse click some work invited.


Please let us know how satisfied you are! This is the only device out there that has a quality build, the real features of a pc, and is powerful. I really thought it was the same search as the one I did.

Hanvon BC10C Touchpad Tablet PC –

Samsung back on the UMPC track: So glad I went this way rather than an Ipad, the ability to run all my normal programs Office etc means it wirelless very versitile. Were you aware the zip file you uploaded contains malware as detailed above?

It would be a great product if Windows 7 was optimized for full touch operation. Rather than helping, your reply has only served to derail my previous request above.

I get mine send tomorrow. I am hopeful the Windows 7 drivers you provided will be of help.

Hanvon TouchPad BC10C and BA10E hands-on

If you hadn’t guessed already, that beauty comes at a cost to processing speed, with just hangon 1. This is how a tablet should be. Very interested in the Hsnvon the one with the active digitizer!

This is a nice looking tablet and the ability to run a full version of Windows — and Flash — along with USB ports make this a far better prospect than the over hyped iPad.


Posted by JKK at With the product preloaded handwring recognition software, you can write words to input to instead of type the keyboad.

More in New Products. Touchpad is pre-installed with the latest Windows 7 operating system to provide perfect support for Multi-Touch technology and to allow seamless Internet browsing with free-moving fingers. Thank you for those. A different body design aluminum, plastic brings the perfect touch feeling.

jkkmobile: Hanvon TouchPad BC10C tablet review

Skip all 2 or 3? Connectivity options and physical controls abound: So does the optical mouse physically press in to click, or does it just recognize taps? It also supports Bluetooth and USB2. Get hhanvon updated fireware, google it.

Hanvon BC10C Touchpad Tablet PC

Mobility Podcast 45 — Cream of the Expo — Ce This is a hot tablet! That means two kinds of way to input can be chosen. Anonymous 21 December at