I think that maemo plugin was for OS Page of 38 Go. Tap “Scan” on the phone. One person states that he prefers this Sonoma model than Sierra. The message on my S2 screen when I tried to connect read: Products or parts shipped by Customer to Mobility California must be sent postage-paid and packaged appropriately for safe shipment. Hit “Scan for devices” and when the “Think Outside Keyboard” shows up tap it.

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ito It did, and I could type. By default the Secure box is checked in the driver and is the recommended method, as it provides the best security and reconnection. Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. BTW, stickers can really work, but need work.

iGo Think Outside Stowaway Ultra-slim Keyboard Xtbt01 | eBay

I could then touch-type on the notebook even with the old keys in their places. A keyboard icon using Calendar, Contacts, or other applications. Boom – you should be connected.

Thanks also; had not used my ‘igo’ keyboard for years since trying to get all my Palm usage back onto Android; terrific to unfold keyboard and start typing at conferences wherever.


Are you using OS or the beta OS? Under that item, I unchecked all three boxes Autocapitalize, autocorrect, double-space inserts a periodand chose Swype as my default keyboard, and now the Shift key is no longer stuck.


How do I know if the keyboard is on? Amazon CS just told me that they have some more coming, but you will have keep watching as they go fast at this price. This works for almost any type of sticker except the shiny silver holographic labels that dtbt01 uses. Page 26 Unsecured Mode Settings sections.

iGo Think Outside Stowaway Ultra-slim Keyboard Xtbt01

It seems that the S2 kind of “auto-generates” a PIN for this keyboard and possibly other similar Bluetooth devices where you can input a PIN from the device? Always nice when a plan comes together: The default setting is Auto, this allows the keyboard driver to determine whether to use Power Efficient mode or not. If Bluetooth is off, tap “Bluetooth on” checkbox 4.

The Connection is not set up message will then be displayed on the BT page. After trial and error, I discovered that the number in the on-screen message worked as the PIN to type in on the keyboard!


So it looks, to me igk, that it is just a regular bluetooth keyboard with maybe some special printing on some of the keys associated with smartphones.

Discussion in ‘ Android Devices ‘ started by jedijunkDec 1, Jul 23, 1 0 5. I see some “superuser” and other icons in apps that make me wonder if the user may have changed the OS in any way.

Both work great in both OS iyo OS I have tried this over and over.

This will place the phone into a scan mode. This is the state that allows it to be detected by the mobile device. Unsecured Mode Settings sections.

Use the left and right arrow keys to highlight the Tool bar item you want. This is only for users that also have the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse.

iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

There’s no real point. Search titles only Newer Than: If fluid from the battery comes into contact with skin xtht01 clothes, flush with water immediately. I might follow your suggestion.