You can’t install the drivers without the devices already present. Here is an excerpt from the article read “Windows ” for “Vista”: Shutdown the VM and remove the old ethernet controller. This is a lab image and firewall will be taken care of at the network layer and at the perimeter. However, after the drive shows up as allocated – Windows installation is unable to proceed. I actually didn’t ask for details

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Similarly for the viostor: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You will probably want to disable the annoying ‘Initial Configuration Tasks’ window from bombarding you every time you login.

kvm virtualization – How to install virtIO drivers for Win on KVM? – Server Fault

How do I ins tall the viostor for an existing VM? KVM is already up and running vitrio. If you haven’t already, prior to launching the Windows Instance you will need to ensure the remote desktop port is allowed. You can also import this windkws virtual machine into Glance so that it may be used for instance deployment within OpenStack. Use the repair CD to restore to a previous restore-point and try again.



The install examples I just found are describing how to install the drivers during Windows setup. Just note that there may exist different sources for the virfio.

Is it possible to install the VirtIO drivers later? I actually didn’t ask for details Hi Dyasny, I decided to just reinstall this from the get go.

Go ahead and do so. I am assuming NetKVM is for the network drivers and viostor is for the disk drivers.

Windows 2008 guest best practices

Once completed you should be prompted to changed the Administrator password. Shutdown the VM and remove the old ethernet controller.

Sign up using Email and Password. You might want to take this time to configure the firewall. Yes, qemu requires winxows disk is set to bootable, and the management should do that automatically for a new guest. We used the Win7 drivers of these drivers for Win Server R2, which work fine. You winndows actually install the drivers under a running system. We have trouble with the system performance and this is possibly due to not using the VirtIO drivers.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. But, here is what a colleague actually did:. The solution virtioo to put a “dummy” virtio-harddrive into the config or just the same harddrive twice as virtio and normal harddrive; make sure not to write access both of them!


Install Windows Server on KVM/VirtIO – mafflog

Take virtko of the old ethernet controller here too, if you ignored my previous advice. It is 64 bit btw? You can’t install the drivers without the devices already present. Finally, just out of curiosity, what is Ballon and vioserial drivers for?

Comments and questions are welcome Done Hope that helps.

Now I am not sure how to proceed. Downloaded the ISO from: Basically we need to make sure the hd is set to be bootable. Add a temporary virtio disk, install drivers, remove temp disk and change your boot disk to virtio. UnicornClouds Home About Archive.