Two devices with different brand labeling on the box and device may look identical at the USB level. One type is a host-to-host network cable. In particular, quite a lot of ARM chips have direct support in Linux 2. In late October a patch was submitted to teach “usbnet” how to use the current Zaurus-specific protocol. The USB host runs “usbnet”, and the other end of the link might be:

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A bridged configuration will be less error prone. On your host PC, you need to make sure the lihux That means standard CDC Ethernet drivers need to have a way to blacklist Zaurus products, since they are incompatible with the protocol standard they advertise. Those two Zaurus-specific drivers use nonstandard framing for Ethernet over USB, although the “eth-fd” driver enumerates as if it were conformant with the CDC Ethernet specification.

This driver originally 2. There is a lot of information on how the Internet giving more detailed explanation. It’s incomplete because Linux doesn’t need to know anything specific about products correctly implementing the CDC Ethernet class specification. The driver is young, but it seems to work with at least some Nokia cell phones. The link level address will usually not be one from a manufacturer’s ID prom, except on higher end devices. There are also Linux-USB device drivers for ethernet adapters that don’t use this framework.

You might have noticed that the MS-Windows driver provided with most USB host-to-host cables implements a limited form of usbneg. The other is a “host” that sits on some LAN, and probably has Internet access. Run the following commands to export you home directory to all computers on this sub-LAN:.

  HP 6480 DRIVER

Less configuration means fewer important things can go wrong.

USBnet Setup

I normally run ifconfig to see when the IP address is actually assigned. Once you have everything right, exit the configurator and type: So now it re boots into the right configuration, but this setup won’t play nicely with RedHat’s tools.

I use the cygwin bash ubnet, and my startup scripts overwrite my path. That framework comes with a CDC Ethernet driver, which is used in conjunction with a driver for the specific hardware involved. It could usbnrt a home gateway, or any other kind of device or gadget where embedding Linux can give your product an edge.

USB Networking – Setting up usbnet

Here’s what one looks like. A lot of times, different distros will have patched kernels, or custom configurations. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. In general, you’d rather automate such things. This is different than a root NFS mount.

The GNU/Linux “usbnet” Driver

The standard hotplug distribution works for everything that supports the ifup command, but that command unfortunately requires some pre-configuration. The PDA side initialization is a bit different, but the host side initialization and most of the other information provided here stays the same.

This will do some initial compiling of the configuration menuing system and bring you to the configuration menu:. Symptoms include at one extreme a blue screen panicto stopping communication after a while, to the mildest failure just a temporary lockup that goes away after a while.


They get this by using a mainstream ARM kernel such as 2. You can use the ifconfig command on the gumstix to determine the MAC address.

First, you have to make sure you have your kernel’s source on your hard drive. You can preconfigure those tools, modify the system setup to automate more of the setup, or more typically do both.

On such systems, you can connect any number of these devices and they’d be automatically bridged as soon as they connect.

Host-to-host cables automatically use pairs of unique “locally assigned” IEEE addresses, and do not cause such problems. Until that updated “usbnet” starts to be more widely available, you’ll want to read something like this SL HOWTO talking about how to do this with the original Zaurus software, and where to get the kernel patches you’ll need if you want to recreate your own kernel.

With older kernels, just “modprobe usbnet” to get everything; newer kernels modprobe hsbnet minidriver, which depends on usbnet to do all the USB-specific work.