It is a fairway shaft weighing 75 grams. Feel free to comment or educate me if my thought process is flawed. The weight plug caused the back of the head to crack after one very solid MPH center face hit during my first range session with the club. May 4, Last active: How do you know how much torque you should have in a given shaft specifically for a mpb SS? National Golf is an authorized dealer with most golf manufaturers. Also, the silver runners for the 3w are not the same size as the red runners on the driver, so they can’t be interchanged, which sucks IMO.

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Golf Fairway Woods

I wish that all manufacturers had some kind of weight port on every head. I found this club easy to hit a slight fade with and easy to hit straight as well.

Club is in nice condition. I’m really liking the new stuff from Golfworks: I will update next week. Maltby Triple Play 8 Driver-with Head cover.

K4 nice looking driver. The sound of this driver is very muted and solid. The design of this shaft is to hit straight and higher shots. No matter how high tech the head design, a 46″ driver is nearly worthless in my average hands. I have been thinking about picking one of these up.


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National Golf is an authorized dealer with most golf manufaturers. Posted 27 March – You can see they settled with a flat black for the crown. Several functions may not work. Overall, I was really impressed by the performance. There is nothing high pitched at all during impact and it was very smooth to swing. The SL is a great shaft that will hang with an agressive swing.

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Second is the fact that once the MPF was created on paper, no real hit testing was ever done by GW to verify their on paper premise for playability. I also got the KE4 Tour hybrid. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

I’ve stayed pretty low key about this in forums and other public commentary places, but because of your question on our forum and because of some of the total mis information that I heard from clubmakers about this at the PCS Show, it’s probably time for me to offer more direct comments.

Golfworks KE4 ST1 driver head

Grip is a golf pride softie wrap in ladies standard size. I prefer to build drivers to I am also eager to have the benefit of a weight port head with VFT cup face design.


Please provide a valid price range. I have no idea why I just spent this much time puring out my thoughts about a driver, but it probably has to do with the fact that I recently re-read Wishon’s book about the search for the perfect driver. I teed it up and let it fly. Head – 7, shaft – 7, grip – 7. This set includes the 6 iron through 9 iron. Tour velvet type grip. I found a online shop that sold them online about a year ago, but I’d have to look again to find it.

Working now in your second post.

That very low spin head mated with a pro-launch blue shaft has served me well. Just back from the PCS Show and this was one of the topics of discussion among the clubmakers since GolfWorks does push this on clubmakers.

This shaft is well known as a low to mid launching, low spin shaft.