In-call Options While a call is in progress, you can tap the soft key to access menu commands for common tasks. Has anybody got a clue what is wrong? Storage memory Storage memory is used to store the data you create and additional programs you install. I have reflashed Mio A, but after rebooting device show unlock” button but I can’t tap on it. When the installation is completed, click Finish. Entering Text Using the Input Panel

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The specific details of this rom are as follows: Delete e-mail and manage your Hotmail folders. Connect one end of the car charger to the power connector of your A and the other end x; the cigarette lighter in the car. I have reflashed Mio A, but after rebooting device show unlock” button but I can’t tap on it.


Press the Camera button to save the picture and return to the previous screen. Phone Menu Options 1.

Microsoft Word Mobile works with Microsoft Word on your desktop computer to give you easy access to copies of your documents. Pressing the Volume control can immediately silence the ring of an incoming call. The Call History list displays the 7a01 you made, received, and missed.

Synchronization Problem Mio A701 in Windows7

Once again i comment that xxp you flash under UT51 you may have flashing problems. In case you do not have a backup application install the Backup. The integrated phone in A can also be used to connect your A to an ISP or work network so you can browse the Web and read e-mail. For example, e-mail addresses stored in Contacts can be used to address e-mail messages in Messaging. If you plan to kio modem connections abroad, make sure that you have the correct modem and cable for your country of destination.


It restarts the operating system, but you will lose any unsaved data.

Announcement: Mio A701 French CEOS 19212B19212.1.0.3 MobileVista1.00 Premium by ansar

Allows you to adjust the distance and angle when taking a picture of yourself. Back Components Sends out music, sounds and voice. Tmc Automatic Download arrives, select 8. This chapter tells you how to use these programs. Getting Connected To take full advantage of your A, you will want to get connected. In-call Options While a call is in progress, you can tap the soft key to access menu commands for common tasks. Guillaume F Created on January 5, To add a recording, tap the Record soft key to start recording.

You will need to scroll down to see all available fields. I moved my A in official R65 and UT55 and i had no problems with flashing.

Basic Skills Basic Skills This chapter familiarizes you with the basic operations of your A such as using the stylus, navigation pad, Today screen, menus, and programs. In case of big, the CAPs are displayed with double tap on shift key.


Slavomir Hustaty: Mio A running embedded linux cooperating with Windows XP

This program provides an on-screen phone keypad where you can perform all the phone operations. Tap the soft key to display the Favorites list.

Synchronize a Favorite Link You can synchronize the Internet Explorer dp on your desktop computer with your A so you can use them with Internet Explorer Mobile as well.

Anonymous, 11 Apr Can this device be updated with wm6? If you cannot find any installation instructions for the program in the Read Me file or documentation, use ActiveSync Explore to copy the program file to the Program Files folder on your A To protect your device against sudden surges in a7701, connect the car charger only after the car engine has been started. For example, instead of muo Word Mobile, you can run the desktop computer version of Word and access all of the.

In the Messaging program, you can add a recording to an e-mail message. ActiveSync I suppose you intalled it for XP; for Windows 7 is not needed will synchronize your Mio too will empty the contacts.