Let’s have a look at the main unit itself. If the light is on, this takes you to the search menu. Excellent display, good controls, holds 34hrs of decent quality music, good looks, transfers and conversions using SonicStage 3. But I travel alot and it was a pain carrying 12 discs around so i was grateful when Hi Md was introduced,giving greater portability and the bonus of being able to use as a portable storage device for photos etc. Visit our Help Pages. It seems you need a degree in electronics to make use of it.

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Sony Community Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. To get your Japanese unit displaying English: I could design something better over a cappuccino. The disk form factor is big in comparison to the alternatives, but the player size is not unreasonable. That could mean you r10 an important original recording really easily.

But at least the interface remembers the last major menu option you were on, so you can navigate to a new submenu a little quicker.

Sony Mz-rh10 Hi-md Walkman Digital Music Player/recorder – Mzrh10 Grade B

It would make a lot more sense to prompt the user as to whether they really want a partial album copied. Every time you choose a menu option you get thrown out again, and must hold down this button for 2 seconds. It may come as no surprise that by far the largest entry I had was for a blank artist, including all of the files that did not have ID tags, likely because they are my own sound files or something from miscellaneous sources.


Why is it important to use the correct supplied USB-cable with my product? Just a note that you do rhh10 need to explicitly advance beyond the last track to safely start recording, as you did on older generation Sony Rh0 recorders.

Unfortunately one has little control over when it will turn off. This works without prompting for all future transfers, a rare sign of intelligence in the interface. The first time the process of writing the OMA file is complete, you will be prompted with an option to automatically convert this to a WAV.

I can’t even make mine skip single tracks, it just skips albums or groups. So here is an endorsement: The fact that the gumsticks are easily replaced is a huge bonus. Why can’t the play button toggle between play and pause?

theatre of noise: Review of Sony MZ-RH10 MD Recorder

It would be ok for software to be this dumb, except for one critical problem: There are some distinct advantages to buying the Japanese model: There is no program button, so to set up shuffle or repeat play or something you must again use the cumbersome menu. Hopefully the third generation will be closer to perfection! Understanding digital audio — an A-Z guide.


I rrh10 about 35 albums on a MD and you need to be able to search somehow, although the shuffle mode and see what comes up method is still a great one!

All in all, a rather disappointing experience! A very tiny idiot, with fingers like straws. The path for where files will be saved can be set as an option and is remembered. The helpful folk at minidisc.

The controls are all too small, leaving lots of space for “important” things like the Walkman logo, Sony name, etc. First, press them both together to enter “record pause” mode, from whence you can enter the menu and adjust settings.

See questions and answers. With MD biterates above Kbit there is no such a thing as hi tone’s “artifacts” – main issue with MP3. If you try to copy an album and there is not enough room, it will start the copying, warn you which rb10 won’t fit, but continue with the few that will, anyway. This unit records only in Hi-MD mode. All of the other accessories were fine.

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